Coaching Worksheet

2 thoughts on “Coaching Worksheet”

  1. Hi Rae,

    Thank you so much for this worksheet….it will be a tremendous help for me. I have a couple of questions – is it alright for customers to take the pm’s just before going to bed and therefore on an empty stomach….I have been telling them a good way to remember the pm’s is to put them beside their clock or toothbrush because a lot of people forget the pm’s until they form that habit.

    Re Elance Appetit – you mentioned a caution if people are on high blood pressure meds….would that include CardioWise ?

    Re Via email #1 Are they eating calories at each meal?….do you mean their meals should only be 200 calories ?
    Re #2 They should not have rice or whole wheat in any form right ?
    #1 What would be some of the detox symptoms to possibly expect ?
    Thanks for your help….Donna

    1. Hi Donna, thanks for the questions! PM’s are fine to take right before bed. I recommend they take them with food if they get queasy with multivitamins. If your client has blood pressure issues, they should talk to their pharmacist about taking the Appetit no matter what supplements/meds they are taking. Their snacks should be approximately 200 calories (each client will come to a good understanding of their perfect sized snack over time), and their meall should be 500 – 600 approximately (again, over time, they will be able to adjust these numbers). During bootcamp they should not have rice or whole wheat in any form. After bootcamp rice and whole wheat are good options up to twice a day. Detox sypmtoms typically look like headaches, mild flu like symptoms (achy joints, some mild nausea), irritability…all minor but uncomfortable stuff.

      I hope this helps! Have a great day!
      love Rae

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