2013: A New Direction

10 thoughts on “2013: A New Direction”

  1. Ray, u r a leader and because of that, everything u touch or work towards happens. You will ace that interview and be where u should be. Good luck.

  2. You are such an inspiration Rae…. I am a better person just knowing you. Since I have started working out with you I feel better about myself inside and out….Thank you for that!

    1. Thank you, Julie! There is no better reward for me than a comment like that. I am so glad to have you in class.

  3. I’m back to college next week, feeling nervous,excited and shocked that anytime I did 20 years ago ‘doesn’t count’ 🙂 40 will be good.

  4. There is only failure in never having tried it at all, Rae. I am so proud of you … no matter what the outcome is or what journey you ultimately go on. You are amazing. You inspire me and so many others. It just has to be said. Good luck, darlin’!

  5. Wow, your Mom just connected me with your Blog, so I’ll check in once in a while. EXCITING DECISION about med school. I think you’ll be a brilliant doctor! Which university is interviewing you?

    1. Thank-you, Judy! The interview is with UBC. Everyone interviews in Vancouver for the four programs around the province (Vancouver, Island, Okanogan and Northern). The ideal scenario would allow me to study here in PG at the northern medical program.

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