I do all the talking. What do you think…?

6 thoughts on “I do all the talking. What do you think…?”

  1. Reflection is frightening because it forces people to feel things and admit things that they may not be ready to or that may not be socially acceptable. Many of us were raised to “be strong”, “be brave”, and “stop crying” so we block and bottle from a young age. It’s hard to change that pattern and to be open to fear, failure, hurt, and tears. It’s much easier to remain superficial, put on a smile, and pretend we’ve got our shit together.

    1. I agree! Especially with the idea of what is socially acceptable. Sometimes I think there is more pressure than ever to hold ourselves together so that we don’t impose uncomfortable feelings on people around us. Thanks for the reply!

  2. In self reflection we open ourselves up to our scariest feelings and the deepest parts of our soul. Sometimes the darkest parts of us. The places we hide from most of the time. When we settle down and look inside, it gives our biggest fears time to surface. It takes courage to explore those intense feelings and fears and sometimes we may fear we lack the strength. Or we fear we might not like what we see. What if those feelings and fears overwhelm and overpower us? What if we see is so ugly that we cannot face it? The value of self reflection is worth it, but sometimes it is good to have someone objective to process it with. Sometimes an objective ear can keep us from sinking into the depths and give us encouragement to keep going!

    1. Yes, thanks Lisa! The idea of sharing our explorations with an objective ear adds a level of both vulnerability and safety. – even more to think about. 🙂

  3. Reflection is frightening because it forces you to be honest with yourself. Once you commit your thoughts to paper there’s no going back- you have to own up to what you did/ thought/ felt and how you reacted. I found that journaling when my life turned upside down helped me keep my thoughts straight and allowed me to look back and see the baby steps I’ve made moving forward with my life. Have fun with it and enjoy the journey 🙂 you are an awesome person that has made a difference in so many people’s lives !!! I know you’re class saved me 🙂

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