Why I Did It

5 thoughts on “Why I Did It”

  1. Rae, I cannot express my gratitude enough to you for writing this post. It helped me to know the things you went thru when he left home to be in the care of the ministry. I always wondered what that was like for you personally. I can see the Hand of God in all of this. Always remember Jeremiah 29:11 and 12. I will continue to pray for you and your family and especially your oldest son. You know what he means to me. Love you so much.

  2. What a wonderful gift of words you have! You have a story to share and God has a plan for the good and hard things in life. Your story will encourage others that have ‘lost’ a child or loved one. And every time you share your heart you will be one step closer to healing. Praying for you, Bruce and the kids as you walk through this journey together.

  3. Hi Rae
    Your honesty and writing are inspiring. I am looking forward to the continuation of your recent post. Congratulations on your success in med school. I hope you have a restful and restorative suummer.

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