Arm Tricks

Studying for the national licensing exam in 2 weeks.  Came across this video of awesome arm tricks while I was studying (don’t ask)… Sent it to a friend on Facebook.  Beaked off about how I would be able to do these arm tricks when I’m 50. That made me hungry.  Went hunting for snacks.  Found … Continue reading Arm Tricks

Update from 4th Year

There is a possibility that in 6 months time I could be a real MD. Here’s a quick update. In third year we rotated through all the major disciplines, hence “third year rotations”. In fourth year we electively choose to participate in the disciplines of interest to us, hence “fourth year electives”, plus we do … Continue reading Update from 4th Year

Psychopaths and other psychiatric “Did you know’s?”

Youth Forensic Psychiatry is a wrap and you know what that means?  Summer holidays, baby. Did you know? People with Cotard’s Syndrome hold the delusional belief that they are dead. Did you know? 1st generation antipsychotics were developed in the 1950s and treated symptoms of schizophrenia. They work by binding (and blocking) receptors in our … Continue reading Psychopaths and other psychiatric “Did you know’s?”


Facebook told me today that it has been 109 days since I posted last.  I finished third year with a 14 week block that included Orthopaedic Surgery, Urology, Anesthesia, General Surgery and Emergency Medicine.  I have been waiting for each rotation to end before writing about it and that made this entry a long wait. … Continue reading Sometimes