How do we explain the ARO program? (Automatic Shipping)

I’ve been talking to a smart lady down in the lower mainland recently (you know who you are! lol), and she asked me if automatic shipping was required. I sent her the following response and thought afterward that it might be helpful for everyone to have this in print. Continue reading How do we explain the ARO program? (Automatic Shipping)

Coaching Worksheet

Hey Team, The secret to our success has been our very intentional coaching process.   As our team grows, I want you to feel confident that your consultants have a structured tool for this great coaching program we have been teaching by word of mouth.  Our coaching process is extremely simple.  There are only a few questions … Continue reading Coaching Worksheet

Why Bootcamp?

Hey Team, Here is an answer that I hope helps you when your clients are asking you about the importance of bootcamp.  Obviously the benefit of doing bootcamp properly is that they will lose 4 – 12 pounds (on average).  For many of your clients – that’s all the information they need.  As a concientious consultant, … Continue reading Why Bootcamp?

Upcoming Events

Hey Team, Mark your calendars for this month:  September 13th at 6pm there will be a Family Kickoff BBQ at 2916 Nixon.  Hamburgers will be provided by Bruce and I but please bring a salad to share and of course BYOB.   We will be going over highlights from Alaska and setting the stage for the upcoming … Continue reading Upcoming Events

After Alaska

Hey Team, We had SO MUCH FUN!    Like my good friend Kim said, what other carreer offers you unlimited income potential, the opporunity to travel the world, the ability to look and feel your best ever and relationships that fill your heart with love and gratitude?  And ANYONE can do it!!!  You can check out the pictures on … Continue reading After Alaska

On the eve of Alaska

Hey Team!  I’ll be leaving for Alaska in 2 days and I’m thinking about you as I prepare for my training session on “Building your Business with Vision – Why Bodywise, Why Now…” Here’s the thing.  There are a lot of weight management companies out there, but there are not a lot of opportunities out … Continue reading On the eve of Alaska