BAM! Here it is. 100 hour weeks. 30 hour shifts.   That’s what med school is supposed to be about, right?  Call shifts and long hours depend on which rotation you are in. But this 2 week Obstetrics/Gynecology OR rotation (ending yesterday) was AWESOME. Operating room by day, LDR (labor and delivery) call shift by night… I … Continue reading Hat

Psych Rotation Complete!

I know I didn’t blog during this rotation. It’s complicated.  Coming into my psychiatry rotation I kind of expected to be love-struck. I thought it would feel a bit like coming home and that I would agonize over the decision of whether to pursue family medicine or go on to a longer residency in psychiatry. … Continue reading Psych Rotation Complete!

Get Some Sleep

None of my blog posts will be literary gems this year.  Most will be first-drafts thrown together quickly in stolen moments – small eddies amid the rushing hours.  The restrictions placed on us regarding personal details of our patients makes recording the most impactful parts of my learning difficult, but I am afraid if I write nothing … Continue reading Get Some Sleep

Size Matters

While preparing for the 6 week Psychiatry rotation that begins  tomorrow morning, I  came across this: In those who present with Schizophrenia, it is common to find areas of the brain that are less developed or degenerated.  In addition, the ventricles  (the space inside the brain that helps to produce and house cerebral spinal fluid) may … Continue reading Size Matters

Everything is New

Meet my track buddy, Amy.  (You may recognize her as one of my roommates from our first Semester at UBC).  We will travel through our third year curriculum together along with a 3rd amigo, Sarah (not pictured here).  Today Amy and I wrapped up our dermatology (skin) unit in the hospital with Dr. Malpass, a plastic … Continue reading Everything is New