Why I Did It

It’s not that I don’t believe people should follow their dreams. Of course they should. Sometimes I get encouragement along the lines of, “I’m so proud of you for pursuing your dream.” I always appreciate these comments, but to be honest, it isn’t exactly how I see this experience.  When our oldest son left our … Continue reading Why I Did It

It’s a wrap!

  I know I haven’t blogged enough. People are curious about med school but the reality is that for mature students like me it’s mostly a lot of work without much drama.  For the final two weeks of school I drove to campus at 5:50 am each day and looked longingly out the window of … Continue reading It’s a wrap!

Do good by it, Rae…

Its still winter.  It’s not raining today, but the snow melting from the roof of our house and the overcast skies make it seem rainy anyway.  I’m taking a rest and gratitude day.  Since January we’ve studied five weeks of Infectious Disease and Medical Microbiology, five weeks of Cardiovascular Disease, and are entering the fourth week … Continue reading Do good by it, Rae…

Native Language

The obvious difference between myself and the young adults I learn with is that I have already spent years on ‘the other side’.  I’ve experienced the power and knowledge differential that a mother expects when she brings her child to a physician.  I’ve needed doctors.  I’ve questioned doctors.  I’ve been saved by doctors and I’ve … Continue reading Native Language


Saving contemplation for another day, here are answers to 4 questions I hear often…. 1) What is the difference between the Northern Medical Program and other medical programs in BC? Just location.  British Columbia has only one medical program based out of the University of British Columbia.  There are 3 satellite sites in addition to … Continue reading FAQ’s